Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!! Welcome to 2011!!!

I am so excited to see a New Year.  I promised myself that I would try two new things in the first half of the year:  1) Vinyl and 2) Glass Etching.  I got a head start and tried vinyl 2 weeks ago and I am HOOKED.  Now, I just didn't stumble on this phenomenon.  This future addiction came from my great friend Nicole over at Creative Delights by Nicole.  She is my Vinyl Hero!  Another great friend secretly tricked me too.  She probably doesn't even know it, but NubianCrafterNC makes layering with vinyl look like old news.  I'm still trying to work with those layers.  Sitting on my kitchen table right now, are four clear acrylic tumblers waiting for some attention.

So, let's get to it!  Here is my first *real* vinyl project.


So, leave me a post letting me know what "NEW" thing you are going to try this year.  Who knows, you may end of swaying me and we can try them together.


  1. Those are great Cass! I'm staring at a green one on my desk that was supposed to be part of a Christmas present! LOL it too late for snow flakes in MS??

    Glass Etching is on my list for this year! Let's try it together!

  2. Snowflakes in MS in January. Anything is possible, right? Let's just say it's still technically winter. LOL!! Alright, glass etching we will try together.